BLAKKRIPT x Grabbitz: A Harmonious Fusion of Fashion & Music

BLAKKRIPT is thrilled to unveil its latest international collaboration. One that transcends the boundaries of fashion and music – the union of BLAKKRIPT, the avant-garde luxury fashion label by Jeremy Vassallo, and Grabbitz, the dynamic electronic music producer and DJ.
This collaboration marks another significant milestone in the brand’s journey.

A Bespoke Piece - Nocturnal Glamour meets The Blue Butterfly

The collaboration was celebrated through a handcrafted bespoke piece for Grabbitz’s performance at “Lights All Night” – A New Years eve spectacle held in Dallas Texas.

Composed of a luxurious blue patent leather – the garment merges the brand’s notorious nocturnal aesthetics with Grabbitz’s core identity – An identity encapsulated in blue tones and the famous ‘butterfly’ which was meticulously hand painted to breathe life into the very fabric. Inspired by architecture the garment features paneling and venting to add a 3D structure to the silhouette.

What to Expect: A Symphony of Style and Sound

Now that the stage is set, brace yourself for more exciting releases from this dynamic duo. Anticipate exclusive collection drops co-designed by Grabbitz and Jeremy Vassallo, promising an avant-garde fusion of fashion and music that transcends boundaries.

Exclusive Social Media Sneak Peeks

Prepare for an insider’s view into the making of our collaborative masterpiece!

Follow us on social media for an up-close look at Grabbitz’s latest post, unveiling the jaw-dropping visuals of the bespoke jacket in action. From the electrifying stage to the intricate details of the garment, witness the magic that transpires when fashion harmonizes with beats. Plus, Grabbitz has a special treat for his followers – an exclusive coupon code for those eager to embrace the fusion of style and sound!

Now, shift your gaze to Jeremy Vassallo’s latest post on social media. Dive deep into his perspective on the creative process, where meticulous craftsmanship and design philosophy come together. Jeremy not only showcases the stunning jacket but also takes a moment to appreciate the local talent that played a pivotal role in bringing this collaborative vision to life. It’s a celebration of creativity, community, and the extraordinary journey from concept to creation.

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