About The Brand

BLAKKRIPT is a Maltese ready-to-wear luxury fashion label by Jeremy Vassallo. At the core of the brand’s identity is the spirit of rebellion and an aesthetic inspired by music, nocturnal glamour and the rock ‘n’ roll era of the 70s and 80s.

Craftsmanship and creativity come together in a way that’s approachable and progressive, as Jeremy mixes iconic styles and elevates them with luxurious fabrics.

Jeremy’s style of design focuses on bringing together the perfect balance of minimalism and boldness while putting quality and wearability at the forefront.

BLAKKRIPT was officially launched at the 2021 edition of Malta Fashion Week. The debut collection “Shadows & Silhouettes” aimed to “immerse viewers in this nocturnal world while highlighting the brand’s luxurious elements and ultimately setting the stage for what is to come”.

Jeremy Vassallo   / Creative Director